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Quantum Consciousness


 Raul Valverde

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University Education

PhD, Psychology, Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology B. University of Costa Rica & SEP Mexico (NACES US degree equivalency & IQAS Goverment of Alberta recognized)

BSc, Transpersonal Psychology & Personal Development, EPES, Chile

Spiritual Education

 Certificate Level 5 in Spiritual Science, Interfaith Ministry, Montreal, Canada   Seminary of the Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada  

 PhD, Therapeutic Counselling, East-Western Spirituality, Open International University awarded through the SSF Seminary, the IIIHS, in Montreal, Canada 

 PhD, Spiritual Philosophy, Thomas Francis University, USA

 DD, College of Divine Metaphysics, USA



Ordained Minister (Perform ceremonies,  spiritual teaching, weddings and pastoral counselling), Spiritual Science Fellowship, Montreal, Canada, 2016-Present

Adjunct faculty and chair of consciousness studies, Ballsbridge University, Dominica (2016-Present) for the Msc in Consciousness Studies given by the Church of Divine of Metaphysics of Canada

Naturopath and Counsellor in Private Practice that specializes in Biofeedback, Psychotransersonal therapy, Music therapy, PsychoSpiritual therapy, PsychoEducation therapy, Pranic Healing and Naturopathic treatments for Cancer. Insurance receipts Available upon request.


Registered Counsellor member of the Canadian Psychological Association (membership 56620)

Member of the The Society for Psychical Research

International affiliate member, American Psychological Association

Association des naturopathes professionnels du Quebec



Ordained minister of the Spiritual Science Fellowship  & International Council of Community Churches

Ordained metaphysical minister of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry

Professional Naturopath(ND-1540), Association des naturopathes professionnels du Quebec

Minister of Religion (Wedding celebrant) licence, Province of Quebec, Canada

Certificate in Parapsychology, University of Edinburgh (UK)

Certificate, Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety, Harvard University (US)

Fellow in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness, Institute of Chartered Professionals

Music Therapy Technician certified, University of Montemorelos, Mexico

Certified Pastoral Counsellor, Saint Gregory Academy

Professional License in Psychology, Mexico

Master certification in Transpersonal Psychology, ESTEA, Spain

Master certification in Scientific Parapsychology, El Instituto Internacional de Estudios Globales para el Desarrollo Humano

Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, ATI Psychology Institute

Diploma in Sports Psychology, ATI Psychology Institute



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God, Quantum Theory, Consciousness and the Urantia Book

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