Quantum Consciousness

I am a Therapeutic Counsellor, Certified in Executive and Business Coaching, Naturopath in Psychiatric Naturopathy and Minister of Religion. I am  a registered in Counselling Psychology member of the Canadian Psychological Association, Member of the American Psychological Association,  Doctor of Therapeutic Counselling designation from Medicina Alternativa, Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Quebec, the Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians and a Fellow in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness with the Institute of Chartered Professionals. I am  registered minister of religion with the directeur de l'état civil Quebec and a ordained minister with a church member the International Council of Community Churches and founder of the Institute of Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology (http:www.icstp.org). I hold a PhD in Psychology .

You can contact me at raul@quantumconsciousness.ca RaulValverde03


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